Why You Should Eat at Halo-Halo Central

Food restaurants and food stalls are popping in locations that businesses would expect to boom. New food startups are almost everywhere and you suddenly get this curiosity about their offerings if they are really great as they are claimed to be.  At least one has got my check of satisfaction after dining at Halo-Halo Central, a new food shop.

I have been invited to try out a new food business in Talamban Cebu City. This new food shop is at the second floor of Robinsons Times Square, the newest shopping, food and hangout destination in Cebu City.

I wasn’t expecting much getting there. I thought it was just an ordinary food stall. But after tasting some of its specialties, it blew me away or rather my tongue was blown away in a good way. I was surprised that my all-time favorite noodle dish, which is Batchoy, was included in their menu.


I present to you the best food specialties you must try at Halo-Halo Central. Of course, I encourage you to try their other meals and desserts inside their food shop at the Robinsons Time Square in Talamban.



The batchoy’s noodle was great and it wasn’t just ordinary. The soup was really made with pork stock that was boiled for more than three to four hours. So far, this noodle specialty invented by Pinoys is one of the best batchoys I have  ever tasted. My goodness, I ordered again for the second time cause it’s really good.

Well actually, I was graciously served with another one when I accidentally poured more black pepper that I could manage in the first bowl. Still thankful to Halo-halo Central for being so kind and generous.

Classic Halo-halo


Their special Halo-halo has the right amount of sweetness. Though I didn’t order it, I got spoonfuls of its serving. The shaved ice had a great texture and wouldn’t melt that quickly. The ice cream that they were using was fantastically flavorful. My craving of a halo-halo was satisfied even just a few spoonfuls of it.

Black Forest


This one is an amazing food art that was served before my eyes. Halo-halo’s Black Forest is a dessert rich with strawberries, brownies and cream. And yes, the serving literary had real strawberries.

I love this kind of dessert, in which the sweetness of the ice cream and the slight sourness of the berries play inside my mouth. Definitely AMAZING!

Dulce de Leche


It was a dessert full of milky sweetness. I guarantee you it will never let you down when you aim for that high scale of sweetness. This is not an ordinary Dulce de Leche, I would reckon.

Halo-halo Central’s Dulce de Leche has a big yema on top. And when you dig into the heavenliness of the dessert, you’ll be surprised by the pastillas and macapuno and other ingredients that you will like. To all sweet lovers, you should really try this!

I had a great tummy-filling time at Halo-halo Central. And the best thing about the foodie experience was the time to know more about the owner and the history of this food shop. It’s definitely worth getting there and have your craving for hunger and sweetness satisfied.

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