My First Dog Photography Was Unexpected

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But I wonder, what else do “they” say? I am Mr. John Kevin B. Durano a photographer by passion not profession. I remember being fascinated with photographs with people, capturing unforgettable moments and emotions. Looking at the faces of the people, who are mesmerized with what they saw in the portrait, is one of the greatest achievements as a photographer.

I enjoy photography because it has given me the opportunity to share in people’s most special moments on a regular basis. I have lots of positive experiences in photography that is more satisfying, that help me understand more about me and what life could give.

Fortunately, I also enjoy capturing moments with animals. Some of the best pet photography goes beyond “cute” and looks into the soul of an animal. Animal photography needs so much artistic skills, one must have an eye of capturing balanced and should capture interesting images of them. Animal photography is messy, dirty, and at times incredibly frustrating work. You need to be comfortable working with them. You need to be happy crawling through the mud, and bending and stretching at weird angles – whatever it takes to get the shot.

Be prepared to get those muscles working in order to get the perfect composition. Sometimes all it takes for a dog to break their sit-stay is for you to go from sitting to standing, and it’s better to reach and lean, than make a large movement that will cause the pet to move from their perfect pose.

With all of these experiences I know I can be more! Here’s the sneak peek at Busay with one of my favorite dogs! Enjoy watching!

If you are interested with my work of art and passion. You can contact me or message me in my official Facebook account!

3 thoughts on “My First Dog Photography Was Unexpected

  1. Freyja says:

    The dogs are so cute, I feel like I am in love with them because they are very adorable.

  2. Mijhong's Hand Craft says:

    you captured not only the subject the also the soul. great job!


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